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Start Here. Go Deeper.

Whether you’re brand new to The Story or have attended for a while, we offer several pathways to connect and grow through this brand new church. We offer gatherings that can help you get acquainted to The Story, as well as Bible Studies, Chapters, or Discipleship courses that can help you grow into a faithful follower of Jesus and leader in the community.


PAGE 1 Membership Class | REGISTER HERE
Monthly gathering, 12:15-1:15p | Lunch & Childcare Provided
This gathering is designed for people who are brand new to The Story Houston! You will meet our leaders and learn how to grow and serve through The Story Houston!  Starts the first Sunday of the month, and it meets for 4 sessions. We offer monthly gatherings from January-June and from August-November. We meet at The Story’s main worship space immediately after the 11:05 service. 


The purpose of discipleship groups is to inspire people to live Spirit-driven lives, immersed in the word of God, and centered in the purpose of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. In order to accomplish these goals, we devote ourselves, as a church, to learn the Scriptures, learn sound theology, and we learn individual and group prayer practices. During the Fall 2018 season, we’ll be studying Romans together. Classes will gather for 10 sessions in the Fall. REGISTER HERE for the groups below:

Morning Men (7-8:15a) | Leader: Ryan Scott | TSH main space | Launches 9/10
Morning Women (7-8:00a) | Leaders: Ann Singleton & Hillary Lipsey | TSH main space | Launches 9/10

Morning Women (7-8:15a) | Leaders: Emily Collins & Melinda Elder | TSH main space |  Launches 9/11
Evening Men (7-8:15p) | Leader: Matt Meloy | TSH entrance room | Launches 9/11
Evening Women (7-8:15p) | Leaders: Jenni Morris & Anita Cheramie | TSH main space | Launches 9/11

Morning Women (7-8:15a) | Leaders: Meredith Neel & Bethan Mingle | TSH main space | Launches 9/12
Evening Women (6:30-8p) | Leaders: Betsy Smith & Alanna Brosey | Johnson Education Building ES306 | Launches 9/12

Morning Women 
(7-8:15a) | Leader: Pastor Geo | TSH main space | Launches 9/13
Morning Men (7-8:15a) | Leader: Lynn Calhoun | TSH main space | Launches 9/13
Thursday Co-Ed Discipleship (6:30-8:00p) | Leader Brandon Duke | TSH main space | Launches 9/13