Dominican Republic 2023 | GO Ministries

The Story is heading back to the DR in summer 2023!

Tuesday, June 6-13, 2023

Students and families. Ages 14 and older are allowed to attend on their own. Ages 10-13 requires parent attendance.

GO is putting the finishing touches on our itinerary now, but our activities will range from light construction projects (like painting and laying concrete) to hosting Vacation Bible Schools and field days with kids. Every day we will start with breakfast at our dorms, head to the work site where we will eat lunch, finish up at our site in the afternoon, and return to the dorms for dinner. Each day ends with an evening activity - getting ice cream, going to a local soccer game, or touring GO's facilities. Our week will end with one night of sabbath and reflection at a local beach resort. To learn more about the work GO Ministries is doing in the DR, visit their website. Click here to check out photos from last year's trip!

All lodging will be dorm rooms, very similar to your typical American summer camp. We will have a male bunk room and a female bunk room with community bathrooms. Not all lodging is temperature controlled, but all have running water and bathrooms. All the food we eat in the dorms and on site tastes wonderful and is safe to eat.

$2000-2300 per person depending on our flights at time of booking

The deadline to register is February 12, 2023. Deposit of $1000 is due at registration.

DATES Tuesday, June 6-13, 2023