No Other Gospel

Galatians is a one thousand, nine hundred and seventy year-old letter written by a Jewish fugitive to a handful of ordinary people living in modern-day Turkey. Why should educated Americans living in the scientific era care about some ancient mail from half a world away?

Because Galatians was written to people who knew the Truth but chose to keep living a lie. Jesus gave them all the freedom they so desperately desired, but soon enough, they slipped back into the familiar chains of their past.

We know exactly what it’s like to want good things while we continue to choose bad things. We are all Galatians. That’s why this ancient mail still matters: it’s the Truth, and unlike everything else in life, Truth will never change.

Join Pastors Eric and Geovanna on Wednesday nights (7-8pm) starting September 9 through October 28 for No Other Gospel.

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DATES Wednesdays, September 9 - October 28
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