Q School with John Hopper

Learn how to answer common questions people have about Christianity and train others to do the same. This class will walk you through ways to answer four of the more commonly asked questions about God and Christianity:
• How Can We Know if God Exists?
• Is the Bible Reliable?
• If there is a God, Why Is There So Much Evil and Suffering in the World?
• Why Christianity, When There Are So Many Other Religions?

Lunch Included

About John Hopper:
John Hopper has long wrestled with Q school-type questions, even completing his doctoral studies covering the very subjects. He is a co-author of "Reasons to Believe: Thoughtful Responses to Life’s Toughest Questions" and works with Search Ministries, a non-profit committed to respectful conversations about the big questions of life.

There is no childcare available for this event.

DATES Saturday, October 12
9:30 am - 3 pm