Restore Lake Retreat (Middle School)

This 2-day retreat for students who have completed 6th and 7th grade will start on Thursday, July 30th at 1 PM and go through Friday, July 31st at 3 PM! The cost will be $20 per student and parents will be responsible for transportation to Lake Livingston and back. Thanks to generous TSH members we are staying in two separate houses which are side by side, one for boys and another for the girls. This will be like an overnight summer camp crammed into 2 days. We will have a blast enjoying the lake, hanging with friends, and worshiping God! The study will go along with our summer theme Restore, and will be cover the climax of Peter's story! We will be joined by various TSH staff members and other volunteers, and I hope you can join us! We will be wearing masks, following social distancing protocols, outside most of the time, and sanitizing everything we use. Contact Dilan at for a packing list, schedule, and more information!

DATES Thursday, July 30 at 1 PM - Friday, July 31 at 3 PM
LOCATION Lake Livingston