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Harvey Disaster Relief

We're here for you.


We’re currently deploying volunteers all over our city, helping families in need. This first phase involves local groups from The Story Houston helping out in non-emergency situations.
As you begin to identify your non-emergency needs (post flood clean-up, light repairs, pet care, errands, groceries, pastoral care) please us know through THIS LINK.

For questions, please click the link below.

Donation List

Monday-Thursday 9a-3:30p | Sunday 9a-6p

Donations will be received starting Sunday, September 3, from 9am-5pm. You can find our donations table at The Story’s lobby. We will receive any of the items listed below:
Feminine hygiene products
Bottled water
Box fans
*We’re only able to receive the items in this list at this time. For questions, please click the link below.

Give Online


If you can give today, please visit THIS LINK and make a donation. You can also text FLOOD TO 8322636762 with your donation amount. For questions, please email us through the link below. Thank you for your support!

Find Regular Updates Regarding TSH's Efforts Online


For regular Hurricane relief updates, please remember to visit our Facebook Page, or Pastor Eric Huffman‘s page.

You can also read Pastor Eric’s latest note through umc.org HERE.