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We All Have Questions

If you’re new and wanting more basic information about The Story, we hope these FAQs will help!

What's a Sunday service like?

We like to keep things simple. Sundays at The Story Houston are approachable and fun. We meet in our brand new, stand-alone building on the campus of St. Luke’s Methodist Church. Our services – 8:30a, 9:40a, 11:05a, and 5:00p – usually include about 20-25 minutes of music and about 30-35 minutes of teaching. Total time for our 9:40, 11:05, and 5:00 services will be 60-65 minutes, while the 8:30 service typically runs 45-50 minutes.

What's the music like?

Music at The Story is meaningful, beautiful, and approachable. Our 8:30 service is a little quieter, with fewer instruments and vocalists (usually 1-2 vocalists with a piano and cello or guitar). 9:40 and 11:05 services feature classic hymns and some newer worship songs set to modern instrumentation and led by worship leader Nathan Bonnes. The 5p service offers a twist: country-gospel hymns featuring steel guitar, fiddle, guitars, and more.

Who attends The Story?

Students and teachers, newborns and retirees, temp workers and oil execs, singles, marrieds, and single-agains, Republicans and Democrats, life-long Christians, doubtful agnostics, and curious atheists, people who like Ninfa’s and those who swear by Pappasito’s, Aggies and Longhorns, Cougars and Bears. We’re unified in our diversity.

How do people dress at The Story?

No expectations here. Jeans are OK. A few people wear slacks. We’ll love you no matter what you’re wearing.

Why is it called “The Story Houston”?

We decided on The Story because we want to communicate the Bible in a way that makes sense to real people with real questions, and if the Bible is anything, it’s a Story. It’s a love story, so our church is called The Story. And we added Houston because we love this town.

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to inspire as many Houstonians as possible to play their part in the unfolding Story of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

What are the first steps to get connected at The Story Houston?

Getting people connected and helping them make new friends are core practices at The Story; we want to make the process as painless as possible. Every Sunday morning or evening is the best opportunity to connect with friends and small groups, and this easy-peasy online form is another good place to start.

Where do my kids go during Sunday services?

Children – even noisy ones – are always welcome in worship at The Story, but we also have nurseries available for kids 4 and under for all services. During our three services, we have three unique opportunities for kids to learn while having the best time:

8:30a service: Nursery only (Infant-4)

9:40a: TSH kids (5 and over) may attend St. Luke’s Methodist Sunday School.

11:05a and 5:00: The Story offers Children’s Church for the kiddos.

What is The Story Houston's relationship to St. Luke's Methodist?

St. Luke’s Methodist is kind of like our mom. She prayed for us before we even existed. She’s making it possible for us to live. And she’s promised to love and support us as we grow. The Story Houston is proud to be part of such a great church!

Several years ago, a few St. Luke’s members began to dream and pray about planting a new congregation that will make the Gospel of Jesus Christ more compelling for new generations of Houstonians. As The Story has developed, we’ve been given a lot of creative freedom and decision-making autonomy. We have our own leadership, teams, mission, vision, values, and core practices. We’re very much a part of St. Luke’s, but we’re also very clear about The Story’s distinct identity.

Are you Methodist? Oh and also, what's a Methodist?

Methodists are Christians who love and follow Jesus in ways inspired by the life and works of John Wesley. Methodists share most things in common with other Christians: an orthodox belief system articulated by the Apostles Creed:

We believe in God, the father almighty, and in Jesus Christ, his only son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried. On the third day, he rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven, and from there shall come to judge the living and the dead. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy universal Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting.

Can we get married at The Story Houston?

Yes! Our pastors love weddings and would be so happy to be a part of yours. Seriously. We’re giddy now just thinking about it. Contact us at tshweddings@gmail.com with your proposed date in the subject line. Oh – and congratulations!