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Semi-Organized Love: Why Church Should Be Nonreligious

Have you ever sat through a church service, looked around the sanctuary, flipped through the hymnal, endured the sermon and a half-dozen prayers, and thought to yourself…
What are we doing here?
Aren’t there better ways to be spending our time…and our money?
What is church for?
For seven weeks, we’ll explore the origins of this mysterious thing we call “church”. The Book of Acts tells the church’s birth story, and it’s clear that a static, boring institution is not what Jesus had in mind. Church isn’t a place; it’s a movement the likes of which this world has never seen.
What is church for? It’s not for tradition, or ritual, or burdening people with guilt and shame. The church exists to embody the gospel of Jesus, and when we do that, we’ll change the world for good. Join us on Sundays at 9:40, 11:05 or 5:00p beginning April 23 through June 4!