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Super Man

This is what we know: a peasant named Jesus from a tiny village called Nazareth changed the world more than anyone else in history. After his death, his followers – an unimposing bunch of fishermen, construction workers, prostitutes, and kids – coordinated a movement that outlasted the Roman Empire and reshaped the future.

We also know this: many thoughtful people have doubted whether Jesus ever existed, and if he did exist, whether he was truly unique or superior to other renowned, historical figures.

But here’s the thing: If Jesus was just a good man with good ideas, Christianity is basically the world’s greatest hoax. But if there’s something different about him, and if, as the Gospels claim, Jesus was more than just a man, then we can trust his promises.

If Jesus is the One, the struggle might be real for now, but eternity belongs to God. Evil and death have met their match. We are not alone here, and there’s more to this life than what meets the eye.