Community Updates

In an effort to keep The Story Houston's community informed, we've put together this page where you can find updates from our Pastors regarding Covid-19, worship services, teams, and group meetings. This page will be updated frequently to reflect new information as it is released. Please continue to check back for updates.

The Story Community's Response

Outreach Efforts to Support Covid-19 At-Risk Group

The CDC shows the following people are at a higher risk: older adults, people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. Please let us know on this form or by text (281) 542-3149 if you're in need of help with groceries or errands, or in need of support.

Volunteers Needed

If you're not part of an at-risk group, and are willing to support other individuals in our community, please let us know using this form. Kit Pfeiffer, our team leader, will be in touch with more information about TSH's response initiatives.

We'd like to join you in prayer!

Are you in need of prayer and support? Please email us or text your prayer request to (281) 542-3149. One of our prayer team leaders will be in touch with you.

DONATE: Invest in The Story Online

The Story depends on your generosity to achieve our mission. Without Sunday offerings for awhile, things are going to be very tight. Donating online is secure and easy; if you've been waiting for a time of need to show your support for The Story's many efforts to inspire non-religious Houstonians to follow Jesus, this would be it! Please visit this link to donate now: