Ready to be part of a smaller Christian community? Small groups gather every other week outside of church to build Christian community and friendship, to study the scriptures, and to serve together. Small groups are life stage based, regional, or based on members’ special interests. We launch chapters all year round! Reach out today to find a group that's best for you. Curious about the Bible? Discipleship Groups are the perfect setting to learn more about the Bible, to strengthen your faith, and to pray and connect with other Houstonians. Groups gather for 10 sessions in the Fall and 12 sessions in the Spring. We offer several men's and women's groups, as well as one co-ed group.

Tuesday Morning Women
Leaders: Alanna Brosey & Melinda Elder

Tuesday Evening Men
Leaders: Matt Meloy & Eric Mingle

Tuesday Evening Women
Leaders: Anita Cheramie & Kristie Schield

Wednesday Morning Women
Leaders: Meredith Kirk & Bethan Mingle

Wednesday Evening Women
Leaders: Betsy Smith & Alicen Swift

Thursday Morning Women
Leaders: Geo Huffman & Rebecca King

Thursday Morning Men
Leader: Lynn Calhoun

Thursday Evening Co-Ed
Leader: Kale Kinchen