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July 15, 1-3p | July 16-20, 9a-2p | Performances on July 22, 9:40a and 11:05a services

Jonah, the prophet of Israel, sends and receives telegraphs to and from the Living God on behalf of the people, and all is fine — until the Lord tells him to go to that “dirty, rotten, flea-bitten foreign city called Ninevah” and preach against it! So, wouldn’t ya’ know it, instead of boardin’ the east-bound train to Ninevah, Jonah hops a west-bound stage to Tarshish! When a big storm comes, threatening to blow the stage over, the driver throws Jonah off the stage and he lands in a…well (say it with yer best cowboy twang!) No, not a whale… an old, abandoned well, where he languishes for 3 days and 3 nights. And… you know what happens from there! Kids grades 1-7; $250/child, $600 family maximum. Questions? Jaime Titus.