Modern Heresies

Leading Through Chaos: Leadership Lessons from the Book of Judges

Graduation Sunday 2024

This is My Story – Wendy Speake

Faith Under Fire: Turning Hostile Questions into Heartfelt Conversations

Easter 2024

Acts of the Apostles: How a Handful of Nobodies Became a Movement for Everybody

Why Do We Suffer? (with Rev. Dr. Michael Lloyd)

Imagine the God of Heaven (with John Burke)

The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God (with Justin Brierley)

Find Your Home

Why Bother Telling People About Jesus?

Summer of Love: Exposing 7 Common Lies about Dating, Sex and Marriage

Disciples Make Disciples

Know Your Enemy

Down to the River: The Purpose and Power of Baptism

Stories from The Story

A Physician and the Facts: Luke’s Pursuit of the Truth

I’M OUT: Responding to 3 Reasons People Give for Leaving Church

For Such a Time as This: A Vision for The Story’s Future

Deep Tracks: Exploring the Lesser Known Teachings of Jesus

Less Talking More Walking: From Dead Religion to Dynamic Faith

The Seven Deadly Sins: Slamming the Doors to Darkness

A Spirit-Transformed Heart (with David Bennett)

True or False: Fact-Checking Controversial Christian Claims

The Day Death Died: Facts of Jesus’ Resurrection

The Purpose of Pain: How Jesus Makes Sense of Our Suffering

In Search of a Soulmate

The Questions Jesus Asked

This is Your Year

Presents in Disguise: Unwrapping God’s Unexpected Gifts

Overflowing with Thankfulness: How Christmas Changed Everything

Change for the Better

Greater Stories Together

True Lies

Ask Me Anything

The Next Chapter: A Vision for The Story’s Future

For The Gold

Another in the Fire: Trusting God to Do the Impossible

Greg Kelley at The Story Church

Genesis 1 & Evidence for the Supernatural

The Cross-Shaped Life

Live Again

Scripture and the Skeptic

Your Story | God’s Glory: Pursuing the Purpose of Life

A 2020 Christmas: The Weary World Rejoices

Humility in Conflict

Who Won?

Story Worship Sunday

Elect Jesus

In the Image of God: Standing Up For Every Human Life

Slow to Anger: Making Peace in the Culture Wars

The US is All of Us

Lover: The Romance of God

Disappointment & Disruption

How Should Christians Live in the Age of COVID-19?



Fearless & Faithful

Chasing Hope: How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Disciples

Beautifully Broken

He’s Coming Back!

The Perfect Story: A Skeptic’s Guide to the Bible

A War of Loves

A Time To Build: A Blueprint for Visionary Leadership

Knowing Her Place: The Women Jesus Loved

Earth to God

Keep Jesus Weird

This is War: The Invisible Enemy and the Fight for Your Life

Trusting God

What’s Your Calling?

Out of Socket: God’s Promise to Put Us Back Together

40 Days of Wow: Reclaiming Wonder this Christmas

Marked by Love


Questions Grown Ups Ask About the Bible

Debra Hirsch

Who Made God? Questions Kids Ask About the Bible

The 30 Day Leviticus Challenge

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Weightless: How Forgiveness Sets You Free

Mayhem: Finding God in the Chaos of Life

Jesus Unfiltered

Battleground Nativity

Jesus is Better: A Letter to the Houstonians

Swiping Right

The Power of Dad

Semi-Organized Love

7 Questions

SuperMan: What Makes Jesus the One

Under the Mistletoe

The Ten

Yours, Mine and Ours

Chapter and Verse



Start Here

The End

Light in the Darkness

Play Your Part

God Loves Science

Not Ashamed

Reopening Leviticus

Modern Man

Beyond Christian Mingle

The Madness March