Our pastors and core leadership have a strong commitment to raising leaders who love Jesus, who are passionate about the gospel, and that are committed to bringing the gospel to Houston and to the ends of the earth. Our mission is to inspire non-religious Houstonians to follow Christ, so our leadership trainings are geared towards bringing the gospel message to Houston and beyond. Some of our trainings are open to everyone in our congregation, and some have an application process. We hope you’ll join us for one of our leadership formation initiatives.
CULTURE MAKERS Culture Makers is an ongoing leadership training for Small Group leaders. We cover Christian leadership principles combined with a practical approach to developing healthy and fruitful Small Groups. TEAM LEADERSHIP TRAININGS Team trainings are offered year-round, for any members who are ready to serve through a Sunday or Outreach Team. We cover Christian leadership principles and offer training that prepares leaders to lead Sunday operations effectively. Also, we train leaders to execute various initiatives that support our partners in Houston and abroad. LEADERS BIBLE COHORT The Bible cohort is offered to all Story Houston leaders. This cohort is a Bible intensive course that helps leaders prepare to teach others through Small Groups and Discipleship Groups.