A Physician and the Facts: Luke’s Pursuit of the Truth

He was a doctor - a scientist trained to do meticulous research in pursuit of the truth. He was also an educated Gentile who became the only non-Jewish author of the Bible. And in the middle of the first century AD, this man devoted his life to answering one question: Can Christianity be trusted? His name was Luke, and after years of researching the extraordinary claims being made by a small, highly motivated sect called The Way, he became an unlikely disciple of Jesus. How could a reasonable scientist come to believe that a 1st Century Jewish rabbi who was executed by the Romans is the living Son of God? We'll explore this question and more at The Story Church during this 20-week series as we follow Luke's logic from the Christmas manger to Easter's empty tomb. Come find out why Luke, along with countless other intellectuals, have had no problem believing in Jesus without setting their rational minds aside. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
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