Deep Tracks: Exploring the Lesser Known Teachings of Jesus

Anyone can sing along to the hits, but it takes a true fan to know the deep tracks - an album’s less popular songs that get buried between the more radio-friendly Billboard bops. If Jesus’ teachings were an album or a playlist, scattered among his greatest hits - like The Good Samaritan, The Golden Rule, and Love Each Other - you’d also find his deep tracks that could shock or even offend you - such as Hate Your Parents, Die Fig Tree Die, and I Bring the Sword! What are we supposed to do with the most confounding things that Jesus had to say? Join us for this six-week series to learn more. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Sep 11, 2022
Eric Huffman | Sep 18, 2022
Eric Huffman | Sep 25, 2022
Eric Huffman | Oct 02, 2022