In the Image of God: Standing Up For Every Human Life

In times like these, it seems like the world gives us every reason to tear each other apart. To dehumanize people who are not like us. To hate those with whom we disagree. To cancel those with opposing beliefs. What’s missing here is the only thing that could ever bring us together: the recognition of our common ancestors, Adam and Eve, and the God who created them in His image. Out of concepts like Creation and the Imago Dei grow convictions like God’s love and justice, equality, and the sanctity of every human life. This understanding is lacking in the divisive rhetoric that’s so prevalent in our culture now, especially in our conversations about our most difficult and sensitive issues, such as racism, immigration, capital punishment, abortion, and marriage. For six weeks, we’ll take our pain and our most honest questions to God by exploring one of the Bible’s most vital claims: that every person is created in God’s image and every life holds equal, sacred worth. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
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