The Cross-Shaped Life

Christians believe salvation is all about God’s grace, right? No amount of good works can get a person into heaven; only trusting in Jesus can do that. So what’s the point of living a good life after deciding you believe in Jesus? Why should Christians subject themselves to discomfort, self-sacrifice, and self-discipline if simply believing in Jesus is enough to punch their tickets to heaven? Part of trusting Jesus means allowing him to shape our lives - not just in eternity - but in the here and now. In this sermon series, we’ll explore the ways God’s saving grace can transform the believer’s character in this life. From your love life to your priorities to your personality, God calls out and equips believers to live lives that are shaped by the cross of Jesus Christ. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Kale Kinchen | Apr 11, 2021
Eric Huffman | Apr 18, 2021
Eric Huffman | Apr 25, 2021
Eric Huffman | May 02, 2021
Geovanna Huffman | May 09, 2021
Eric Huffman | May 16, 2021
Eric Huffman | May 23, 2021