The Perfect Story: A Skeptic’s Guide to the Bible

No matter where you go - online or in person - you’ll probably hear people talking about the Bible, and rarely in a positive way. By simply toying around on Google for a few minutes, you will find that the most common searches beginning with “The Bible is…” include: The Bible is a fairy tale. The Bible is nonsense. The Bible is immoral. The Bible is like Game of Thrones. If you’re thinking to yourself, “How dare someone compare the Christian holy book to an HBO drama that features incest, rape, gratuitous violence, dragons, and a hero who comes back from the dead,” well, the Bible includes all those things and more. But hey - at least the writers of the Bible didn’t murder the plot in the show’s final season. Most people are seriously confused about the Bible, and much of our confusion stems from our own unmet expectations. If it’s really The Good Book, why is there so much bad stuff written in it, from super-weird rules to genocidal wars? If it’s the Word of God, why is it so hard to understand? For seven weeks at The Story, we’ll seek answers to our most fundamental questions about the Bible, and we’ll discover why this book is trustworthy and true. Once you learn to trust the Bible, we believe you'll find the most profound answers to life’s deepest questions on its pages. Join us November 10 through Christmas at The Story Houston for The Perfect Story. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
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