The Seven Deadly Sins: Slamming the Doors to Darkness

Over 1,600 years ago, a small group of theologians lived in a Jerusalem monastery where, day in and day out, they prayed and pondered the things of God. Among the many issues they considered were questions about sin and evil. How, they wondered, can evil still influence our lives - even after we put our faith in Jesus? This led them to develop the teaching that later became known as The Seven Deadly Sins. While all sins can be deadly, some are more dangerous than others, because they often function as "gateway sins". The Seven Deadly Sins are like doors that, once opened, can leave us vulnerable to deeper spiritual darkness. Throughout this series, we'll share strategies to slam these deadly doors and to prepare yourself and your loved ones to withstand future attacks from our spiritual Enemy. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Terry Williams | Jun 12, 2022
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