The US is All of Us

Jul 05, 20 "The one thing we can all agree on is that in every era, at every moment in our nation’s past, there has been both greatness and shame, virtue and vice, good and evil at every turn. Today is no different." As we celebrated our country's 244th birthday, in the midst of a global pandemic and racial tensions, many of us wondered how we should feel about the United States? How should we feel when we look at our flag or hear our national anthem? In these deeply divided times, Pastor Eric Huffman delivers a message of hope, not just about the US, but about all of us. The story of this nation runs parallel to the stories that each and every one of us could tell: like America, we aspire to greatness, but we fall short. The road behind us is littered with bad decisions and past regrets, but all our mistakes have made us who we are today - fractured but still clinging to hope. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Jul 05, 2020