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Everyone has a Story.
Every story matters to God.

Sundays at 8:45, 9:45, 11:05, and 5:00p
3471 Westheimer (at Edloe) Houston, TX 77027

Imagine a church that’s approachable and unassuming, fun and engaging. That’s what people are saying about The Story, and we hope you’ll come see for yourself. Love is the story God is telling, and we’re here to share it.

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Carpool Karaoke with Chita and Bun B

See what happened when our pastor carpooled with local celebs!

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Current Series

Weightless: How Forgiveness Sets You Free

We can get pretty good at holding grudges against people who hurt and disappoint us. Deep down, we think we’re getting back at them by holding onto that bitterness and resentment. Ironically, though, whenever I insist on holding a grudge, I’m the only one who suffers, while the other person moves on. Like an unchecked malignancy, unforgiveness will kill us from within until we learn to forgive. Join us for this important sermon series about how learning to forgive friends, family, yourself, and yes - even your enemies - can set you free.

Previous Series

Mayhem: Finding God in the Chaos of Life

For six weeks, we’ll ask the question, “Where is God when it all falls apart?” We’ve all been through times in our lives when everything goes wrong. How should we react when it all hits the fan, and when it feels like God is nowhere to be found?

We’ll think about these questions through the lens of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel. He’s been called “The Prophet of Doom,” and he even called himself “The Funeral Director,” but there’s so much more to Ezekiel than just judgment and death. He spoke to God’s people during some of their darkest days, calling them back to God by way of humility and repentance.