Prayer and Care Team

At The Story Houston, we believe in the power of prayer. Our Prayer and Care Team is available to provide prayer and support during various life transitions: illness, birth, job transition, tragedy, death, etc. We want to walk beside those attending The Story Houston, so they know they are loved and not alone. If you’re ready to deepen your faith by caring for others in the community, service opportunities through the Prayer and Care Team include:
PRAYER TEAM The team member commits to praying daily for the prayer requests submitted during worship or through The Story’s website. Each team member is scheduled for one week every six weeks. CARE TEAM Team members receive training on basics of prayer and care ministries and can serve in the following ways. Hospital Visitations: Team members are deployed to do hospital visits, to visit nursing homes, and to do first response for people/families who are experiencing distress.

Meal Trains: Team members work to create meal trains for families or individuals who are in need.

New/Expecting Moms: Team members contact new/expecting moms to offer care and support.