For The Gold

Every four (or sometimes five) years, the whole world watches as the greatest athletes on the planet represent their homelands in the Olympic Games. Their success is no accident: they are Olympians because they knew what they wanted, and they went for it. And now, after sacrificing their blood, sweat, and tears while training for years, these young men and women are all striving for the same prize: the coveted gold medal. When you think about your life, how does your training reflect your highest hopes and dreams? In other words, how do your daily habits reflect your greatest life goals? When you're following Jesus, your goals begin to reflect his goals. As your life goals change, your daily habits need to change as well, so that you are trained and ready to face the challenges ahead. Join us at The Story Church for a short, two-week message series as we pursue the daily practices that will prepare us to pursue our highest goals together Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Rolando Alvear | Aug 01, 2021
Kale Kinchen | Aug 08, 2021