I’M OUT: Responding to 3 Reasons People Give for Leaving Church

With every passing year, more and more Americans are walking away from their churches, and they’re not coming back. In 2022, just 22% of Americans say they attend weekly worship services, while another 20% attend church “about once a month”. Meanwhile, 56% of Americans say they “seldom” or “never” attend worship services. Now consider this: as recently as 2009, the same survey yielded very different results. Just thirteen years ago, 48% of Americans said they went to church every week, 30% attended services about once a month, and just over 20% said they seldom or never attended worship services. What are the reasons behind this seismic shift in our culture, and how should followers of Jesus respond today? Join The Story for this fascinating three-week series as we explore these questions and more! Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Nov 13, 2022
Dilan Braddock | Nov 20, 2022
Meredith Kirk Thompson | Nov 27, 2022