In Search of a Soulmate

Dating was hard enough for single people before Covid, social distancing, lockdowns, mask mandates, and the politicization of this pandemic rocked our world. But now, for many single people, it feels all but impossible. Under pressure from their friends and family inside and outside the Church, many single Christians who long to find love are quick to build a wall between their faith in God and their desires for romance and intimacy. The Bible, however, couldn’t be clearer: those desires we all experience are from God, and as far as He is concerned, our universal longing for love and commitment is a feature, not a bug. How can Christians learn to date, relate, and marry in ways that reflect God’s design and intention for our lives? By choosing to tear down the walls we build between our faith and our desires, we will see more clearly how to seek, choose, and cherish true love according to the principles of the One who hardwired us for romance. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Feb 13, 2022 Study Guide
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Eric Huffman | Feb 27, 2022 Study Guide