Slow to Anger: Making Peace in the Culture Wars

Topple the statues. Preserve our history. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Believe all women. Innocent until proven guilty. My body, my choice. Protect the unborn. Make America Great Again. America was never great. Support the police. Defund the police. Build that wall. Stop separating families. With every passing day, this American life feels more like a war. We are divided. Hurting. Triggered. Outraged. We are turning on one another. We are searching for modern-day answers to our modern-day issues. But what if the answers we seek aren’t modern at all? What if they’re hidden, like ancient treasures, beneath the surface of life as we know it? At The Story, we believe Jesus is still the answer to all the biggest questions people are asking. He has shown us the meaning of love. He has reconciled us to God and one another. He calls us to repentance, and compels us to forgive. Jesus is the answer to our outrage. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Jul 12, 2020
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