Your Story | God’s Glory: Pursuing the Purpose of Life

They say, “Life is short,” but what’s that supposed to mean? Life is short, so don’t screw it up? Life is short, so have fun while you can? Life is short, so work hard because the clock is ticking? Life is short, so...what? Every day we’re under immense pressure to figure out what matters in life, and to chase after it with all we’ve got. When we were kids, most of us chased after good grades - or at least passing grades - just to get into college. Then most of us went to college and passed our classes just to land a good job or to get into grad school. Later we found jobs, and we’ve been working hard to make our mark. No matter how hard we work, though, we can’t fight the feeling that something’s missing. We’ve tried filling the void with adventure, entertainment, and relationships - some of us even got married and had kids, but the restless search for lasting satisfaction continues. What if the reason that nothing on earth ever really satisfies you is that you were made for something beyond this earth? What if your life’s purpose is hidden in the heart of God, who made you on purpose? What if you were meant to be? At The Story Church we believe everything on earth finds its purpose in God (Colossians 1:16), and you are no exception. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify
Eric Huffman | Jan 03, 2021
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Eric Huffman | Jan 17, 2021
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