This is our moment.

Seldom does a moment in time bear lasting significance for many generations to come, but we are living in such a moment right now. In recent years we have seen seismic shifts in our cultural, political, and religious landscapes that have led us all to wonder what we can do today to secure a better world for our children tomorrow. Will we settle for more of the same? Or will we stand up and see that God has appointed us for such a time as this?

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+ How will this change our church?
Obviously, a move of this magnitude is going to bring some changes along with it. As our footprint grows, so will our budget. We anticipate around a $500K/year increase due to mortgage, utilities, and insurance costs, some of which will be offset by school revenues. However, we also expect our congregation to grow substantially during our first few years at 3223 Westheimer, which will mean greater incoming financial support.

While some things about The Story will change, the most important things will remain the same, such as our mission to inspire non-religious people to follow Jesus. It may take us a while to feel completely at home inside the more formal architecture of our new facility, but we know that it’s our God, our people, and our mission - not the bricks and mortar - that make The Story so special.
+ Since The Story is a relatively new congregation, is there a chance we won’t be able to secure financing for a deal this size? If so, what would we lose?
There’s always a chance things won’t go our way. The Story’s lack of financial history and rising interest rates are two of the factors working against us. However, our preliminary talks with local banks have been promising, and as long as we meet our pledge goals, financing should not be a problem. If, for any reason, we need to walk away from the table, we will forfeit $100K in earnest money.
+ How will this affect our Timbergrove Campus, as well as our plans to launch new campuses and new churches in the future?
Our investment in 3223 Westheimer will not diminish our commitment to our growing campus in Timbergrove and other ventures we plan to launch in the future. If anything, we believe a thriving main campus with long-term stability in River Oaks will have greater capacity to develop emerging leaders and, once they are ready, to send them into the mission field to plant new campuses and/or fully-autonomous churches.
+ What role does our Board of Directors have, and how are new Board members chosen?
Our 7-member Board of Directors has served admirably over the past sixteen months. Since May 2021, when we learned that we had to leave our former home, this Board has taken on the countless, relentless duties and responsibilities of founding a new church.

Three of our current Board members (Matt Meloy, John Sullivan, and Ernie Cockrell) were chosen by Pastors Eric and Geo (who also serve on the Board) in 2018 to create The Story’s first Advisory Council. Two more recent additions (Gretchen Richter and Ann Hopper) were nominated by Board members and then were elected by unanimous vote.

In the future, as Board members finish up their 3-year term, the Board will request nominations from The Story’s congregation. After a rigorous interview process, nominees may be elected by a super-majority of the Board to serve for three years.

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