LifeHouse Christmas Wishes

It's the most wonderful time of the year! For the 5th year in a row, we're supporting our partner organization LifeHouse of Houston to make their Christmas wishes come true. Find out how you can get involved below!
How to support LifeHouse Christmas Wishes: 1. Purchase toys for the Christmas Market!

Shop our Amazon Wishlist and help stock the Christmas Market that the moms of LifeHouse will "shop" at for their children. Each mom will select a few toys for their children, and leave with wrapped gifts for Christmas morning. All items on the list will be shipped directly to Patty Chen, a leader from The Story Church.

2. Help provide gifts for the moms!

CLICK HERE to donate towards Walmart gift cards ($100) that each mom will receive, or shop the same Amazon Wishlist to stock mom devotionials in the market (coming soon).

3. Volunteer to help wrap gifts and serve at the Christmas Market

We need volunteers to help wrap gifts on Wednesday, December 6 as well as people to fill shifts (greeting, helping moms select toys, a gift wrapping station, and more) at the Christmas Market on Saturday, December 9. CLICK HERE for details and to register!